The belt is great. Easy to use and looks nice!
David Roth


I am very happy with your product. The size, and especially the width, are perfect for me.

The material seems good. The texture is just right. When I’m at the airport, and I need to take off my belt in the security line, it slides right out with one fluid motion! I unhook, grab the end, and just pull.


Saul Leib Weiner

Chicago, IL

The point is that I am not “carrying” the key. I am wearing a (key-) belt.

It is lamehadrin. It is easy to use: opening the belt, then opening the door and closing back the belt before getting inside takes less than one minute. By the way it is also a nice and effective belt. Its simplicity is genial.

It might be an ideal gift for a choson.

Joshua Klein

Jerusalem, Israel