Package Offers! חבילות במבצע

Take advantage of our Special Offers!

Buy a Leather Belt, a Travel Washing Cup and Shabbos Toothbrushes

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Package # 1

Buy a Genuine leather Belt, a Travel Washing cup and Bowl, Travel Candlesticks (choose any), and Shabbos Toothbrushes

Receive a Shabbos Thermometer for free!
Package # 2

Buy a Genuine Leather Belt, a Two-key Belt, a Travel Candlestick (choose any), a Kiddush Cup (choose any), Shabbos Toothbrushes, and a Shabbos Thermometer

Receive a Travel Washing Cup and Bowl for free!
Package # 3

On Purchase of:

$ 60
  • Receive gift of Shabbos Thermometer!
Offer # 1

On Purchase of:

$ 100
  • Receive gift of Shabbos Toothbrush!
Offer # 2