Do you need a way to carry your key on Shabbos?

Here’s the perfect solution!

A real leather belt where your key is a part of the buckle!

An absolutely mehadrin way to be able to carry your key with you on Shabbos even where there is no Eruv.

Approbation of Mishmeres HaShabbos

The point is that I am not “carrying” the key. I am wearing a (key-) belt.

It is lamehadrin. It is easy to use: opening the belt, then opening the door and closing back the belt before getting inside takes less than one minute. By the way it is also a nice and effective belt. Its simplicity is genial.

It might be an ideal gift for a choson.

Joshua Klein


The belt is great. Easy to use and looks nice!

David Roth


Easy Use Shabbos Belt

Quality Leather Shabbos Belt

A quality leather belt,

it can be used on weekdays as a regular belt;

A key can very easily be attached for carrying on Shabbos

The belt is made from quality materials which keep for many years;  the leather has been cut from one piece.

Ideal for people spending Shabbos in a place with no Eruv.

Unique and Original Gift.


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